Can WhatsApp GB Work on Multiple Devices?

Using WhatsApp GB to Expanding Multi-Device Compatibility

However, WhatsApp GB, which is a modified, unofficial version of the famous WhatsApp messaging app, provides some additional features that are not included in the official version. Between the available WA GB APKs, this is one popular question users ask:does WhatsApp GB has multi-device feature, maybe can use together in multiple devices?

WhatsApp GB Current Features

Up to the last updates, WhatsApp GB did not have native support to log in from different devices with the same account. Well, this limitation comes with the design of the WhatsApp GB. It resembles the regular WhatsApp application which to this day also does not support true multi-device functionality with only Wi-Fi.

Technical Barriers

The central technical constraint is that the architecture of WhatsApp GB is identical to WhatsApp, which was first built on the assumption that it will be used by a single device only. Also, the changes such as WhatsApp GB, usually takes it's time in adopting new features because of the difficulty they face in modifying the base code to add such features.

User Workarounds

Examples may include using third-party tools or cloning apps on tablets or secondary smartphones. But of course these methods are generally unreliable and/or unsecure. To make matters worse, many mobile apps are persistent, which means they repeatedly need to be signed in- or re-verified reducing the overall user experience.

The Official WhatsApp Update

For what it's worth, the regular WhatsApp only recently added some measure of multi-device (up to four linked devices sans the main device) upstream, and not requiring the main device to be online in order to use the account. But this is a new feature and not found on any unofficial version of Whatsapp such as WhatsApp GB.

Considerations for Users

These are a few limitations that the users of WhatsApp GB who need multi-device capabilities should keep in view. WhatsApp GB also comes with customization and privacy feature addition but lacks the support for using multiple devices at the same time. But at trade off, user has to decide whether the extra features benefit over the ease of multi-device support of the official WhatsApp app.

Best Practices Suggestions

It is a safer bet to make the jump to the official WhatsApp app if you need a multi-device experience that works across your personal devices and that receives ongoing updates and support. It will also ensure the operating system receives security updates and new features, such as the soon to be released multi-device support, as soon as they are available.

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