Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Color Game in the Philippines

Understanding the Basics

Color Game captivates many in the Philippines due to its simplicity and excitement. Originating from local fairs, the game involves participants betting on various colors. Each round brings the thrill of chance and quick rewards.

  • Six Colors: Participants choose from six colors, typically red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple.
  • Three Dice: Three dice, each having a face painted with the six colors, are used for determining the outcome.
  • Betting Range: Bets usually range from 10 PHP to 100 PHP, making it accessible to various participants.

Setting Up to Play

Setting up to play requires minimal equipment but provides maximum fun for participants. Here's how to get started:

  • Playing Board: A simple board marked with the six colors is laid out for players to place their bets.
  • Dice Shaker: A transparent container or dice shaker ensures fairness in rolling the dice.
  • Bet Markers: Players use coins or markers to place their bets on the colors of their choice.

The Game Procedure

Once the setup is complete, here's how the game proceeds step by step:

  • Placing Bets: Participants place their markers or coins on the color they believe will appear on the dice.
  • Rolling Dice: The dealer shakes and rolls the three dice onto a flat surface for all to see.
  • Outcome: Participants win if the color they bet on appears on one or more of the dice faces.

Winning and Payouts

Winning in Color Game is straightforward but can be highly rewarding. Here's what to expect:

  • One Color Match: If the dice show one match, the payout is usually 1:1. For example, a 10 PHP bet wins an additional 10 PHP.
  • Two Color Matches: Two matches increase the payout to 2:1, making a 20 PHP total for a 10 PHP bet.
  • Three Color Matches: With three matches, the payout is often 3:1, so a 10 PHP bet rewards 30 PHP.

Strategies and Tips

Avoiding common mistakes can improve your experience and potential winnings. Consider these tips:

  • Diversify Bets: Placing bets on multiple colors increases chances of getting at least one match.
  • Budget Control: Set a budget limit to avoid overspending and ensure enjoyable gaming without financial stress.
  • Observe Trends: While each roll is independent, some players find fun in observing patterns or frequent winning colors.


Engaging in the Color Game in the Philippines offers a vibrant and exciting gaming experience. Understanding the basics, setting up correctly, and applying simple strategies can make the game more enjoyable and potentially lucrative. Whether you join in at a local fair or host your own game, the Color Game remains a cherished and entertaining pastime.

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