What is the Acceptance Rate at MIT?

Admissions at the Elite Institutes of MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is reputed worldwide for its rigorous academic climate and is in the cutting edge of research & innovation This is due in large part to the fact that MIT has an acceptance rate lower than most other institutions globally.

Current Acceptance Trends

For the Class of 2026, MIT announced an acceptance rate around 4%, one of its lowest ever. AABa has a 60 percent acceptance, giving the school some leeway on admission for displaced Stuyvesant seniors as well. This is in keeping with an ever-increasing trend of selective admissions; in case you had stuybound amnesia or something, Class of CommonApp rejects was about... pah! These figures underscore the intensification of candidates going after spots. Over 33,000 potential students from around the world apply to MIT each year; yet only a select few are admitted.

What Influences Acceptance?

MIT Factors include your Academic Achievements, Standardized Test Scores, Extracurriculars activities and Personal Essays. We're looking for students who are not only great at STEM (without question) but also give a shit, can demonstrate creative chops and leadership abilities and want to use technology as tool to address challenges in the real world. The comprehensive review means that the applicants admitted are bright not only academically, but also share MIT´s mission to create a better world through technology.

Advice for Applicants

In order to increase the likelihood of an acceptance offer, applicants ought to endeavorto distinguish themselves with notable impact in areas related to their intended majors by way of research, invention or leadership. Doing well in competitions and being involved heavily in the right extra-curriculars can also boost a student application. An incredibly important part of the application process is for applicants to be able to explain how they will give back once on campus and beyond, especially in their essays or during interviews.

If you want to see more numbers, info and resources on acceptance rate at MIT submit an application over at the website of those other schools which offer summaries.


Breaking into MIT is a real struggle when considering the minuscule acceptance rates. But knowing how the evaluation process works and exceeding MIT's high bars can go a long way to improve your odds of being admitted. MIT hopefuls need to be good students, sure - but they must also contain multitudes and something more: a compelling personality; the promise of your future impact in whatever field you choose.

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